CHARON-HPA/3000 Model A202 Evaluation Version

Thank you for your interest in the Stromasys CHARON-HPA/3000 Emulator. The emulator is a complete, functioning HP3000 A400 Series-compatible system that runs MPE/iX 7.5 as a virtual machine under Linux. To make the emulator available to the widest audience, the CHARON Evaluation Version is made available as a VMware virtual machine image of a Linux system, in which the HP3000 emulator has already been installed and configured.


To run the emulator you just need to run the virtual machine using VMware on a Windows, Mac, or Linux PC. When you start the virtual machine it boots into Linux, and the included HP3000 emulator then starts up automatically.


The CHARON-HPA/3000 emulator is built using Stromasys proprietary virtualization technology. The emulator functions exactly as a “real” HP3000 – it runs a 100% unmodified copy of MPE/iX 7.5.


You can load any HP, third-party, or user software onto the system, and it will run exactly the same as if you were running on HP hardware. It has no expiration date.


Hardware and Software Requirements

The CHARON-HPA/3000 Evaluation Version runs on many, but not all, current PCs. For more information on Hardware and Software requirements to run the emulator, please see here.


Requesting a Copy of CHARON-HPA/3000 Evaluation Version

To download a copy of CHARON-HPA/3000 Evaluation Version, please supply the following information (the download link will be sent to the email address you provide):

Licensing Restrictions.

Stromasys license the Evaluation Version to be used in these environments only:

- by individuals for personal, non-commercial use, with no time restriction.

- by companies for evaluation purposes only, for up to 60 days following initial download.

The software may not, under any circumstances, be used in commercial production environments.The full text of the Model A202 Evaluation Version License is available here.