STROMASYS Evaluation Version

Stromasys has a strong history of research and development collaboration with industry and educational institutions, including research labs. Our philosophy is and always has been to provide evaluation version access to software for the purpose of driving virtualization market awareness and adoption.


The evaluation version of CHARON  is available for non-commercial use. Licenses are limited for personal enthusiast and or testing in commercial environments for the purpose of evaluating the product. User access is restricted from copying, distributing and modifying the source code. Stromasys will support the evaluation version edition on a best-effort basis; however the emulator is supplied with no guarantees to its correct operation and performance.


For specific guidelines and restrictions refer to the SPD’s, software product descriptions and our evaluation version licence terms.


Download the virtual HP 3000 A-Class A400 Compatible System

The CHARON-HPA/3000 emulator is a complete, functioning HP3000 A400 Series-compatible system that runs MPE/iX 7.5 as a virtual machine under Linux.


Download Virtual VAX & Virtual Alpha

The PersonalAlpha software lets you run your Alpha/OpenVMS software on a standard Personal Computer with Windows 32-bit versions. Imagine running your VMS and Tru64 programs on your notebook and office or home PC. Develop, test and run OpenVMS/Tru64 applications wherever you are.


Virtual SPARCstation 20 

The CHARON-SPK/SS20 emulator is a downloadable evaluation version that is available for non-commercial usage.  When installed, CHARON-SPK/SS20 provides a SPARCstation 20 ‘hardware abstraction layer’ on an industry standard x86 computer system running Linux.


Virtual Sun Enterprise 450 (Temporarily Unavailable)

CHARON-SPK/E450 for Linux is a free Sun Enterprise 450 virtual system. It emulates Sun Enterprise 450 machine on x86-64 Linux with limited performance and functionality.
To run the emulator you just need to run the virtual machine using VMware on a Windows, Mac, or Linux-based system.