CHARON-SPK/E450 Evaluation Version (Temporarily Unavailable)

Sun Enterprise 450 is an entry level multiprocessor server produced by Sun in 1997. It has maximum four SPARC V9 UltraSPARC II 64-bit CPUs, up to maximum 480MHz, the hardware architecture is called sun4u, which defines UltraSPARC and UPA (Ultra Port Architecture) interconnect architecture.


CHARON-SPK/E450 for Linux is a free Sun Enterprise 450 virtual system. It emulates Sun Enterprise 450 machine on x86-64 Linux with limited performance and functionality. To make the emulator available to the widest audience, the CHARON Evaluation Version is made available as a VMware virtual machine image of a Linux system, in which the Sun Enterprise 450 emulator has already been installed and configured.

The Sun Enterprise 450 emulator functions exactly as a “real” Sun Enterprise 450 – you can load any original Sun application, third-party, or user software onto the system, and it will run exactly the same as if you were running on Sun Enterprise 450 hardware.

The CHARON-SPK/E450 Evaluation Version product is a reduced-capability version of our Sun Enterprise 450 emulator. The performance of the Evaluation Version has been artificially limited in performance. Uptime is limited to 5 days (users have to start it again after 5 days)

Host Hardware Requirement

The Stromasys CHARON-SPK/E450 Emulator runs on most current PCs. For more information on Host Hardware requirements, please check the Datasheet:

Click to download the CHARON-SPK/E450 Evaluation Version Datasheet

Click to download the CHARON-SPK/E450 Evaluation Version Quick Start


CHARON-SPK/E450 Evaluation Version upgrade temporarily unavailable.