The virtual HP3000

With the CHARON-HPA/3000 solution, you can securely transfer your HP3000 to a state of the art environment. Stromasys’  solution virtualizes the hardware of an existing HP3000 system, and enables the MPE/iX operating system, third party applications, and user-developed software to run without any modification whatsoever, on industry-standard Intel servers.


-   Rapid implementation on industry-standard hardware with increased performance
-   Replaces old and expensive hardware and reduces cost of ownership
-   Runs much faster than the original HP3000 hardware
-   Preserves the current application investments
-   No change in current business processes or operation skills
-   Extends on new platforms, and creates room for future growth.


NB: ZELUS name was previously used for HPA/3000 project.

CHARON-HPA/3000 Configurations

The CHARON-HPA/3000 product family is a range of fully compatible virtualized HP3000 systems, running on industry standard Intel x64 (Core i7 and Xeon) servers. Virtualization technology takes advantage of technological advantages since HP3000 systems were built, translating PA-RISC instructions on-the-fly into optimized sequences of Intel CPU instructions. CHARON-HPA/3000 servers run 100% unmodified copies of MPE/iX 7.5, and allow you to restore your applications and third-party software onto modern, reliable, high-performance hardware, providing a “best of both worlds” solution. CHARON-HPA/3000 family performance ranges through A400 and A500 series equivalence at the low-end, to mid-range multi-processor N4000 series equivalence at the high-end.


CHARON-HPA/3000 Models
Equivalent HP3000 Equivalent speed Maximum memory HPEPUs ¹
A408 A400-100 60 MHz 1 GB 2-3
A410 A400-100 110 MHz 2 GB 4-5
A510 A500-100 200 MHz 8 GB 7-8
A520 A500-200 200 MHz 8 GB 13-14
N4010 N4000-100 250 MHz 16 GB 10-12
N4020 N4000-200 250 MHz 16 GB 18-20
N4030 N4000-300 250 MHz 16 GB 27-29
N4040 N4000-400 250 MHz 16 GB 36-38