Archiving and Compliance: How Charon Can Help

More than ever, archiving data is essential for businesses. It’s integrated into disaster recovery plans, promotes business continuity, and in many cases is even legally mandated. Archived data protects businesses and the customers those businesses serve.

But what do you do with the archived data? As those records age, so do the machines that house them. Where do you keep the data, and how do you access it?

Like many companies, Racine Water & Wastewater Utilities needed to maintain their legacy system in order to access archived data. They had migrated their primary billing system from an HP 3000 A-400 to a newer system in 2008, but only four years of archived data could be migrated to the new system, and more than 25 years of records remained on the HP 3000 system. By 2014, they knew they needed a solution to continue to access the records stored on the HP 3000.

That’s when they started researching replacement options, and found us. According to Racine Water, CHARON-HPA was a solid product at the right price, and they were impressed with the expertise of the Stromasys engineer who managed the implementation from start to finish.

For companies like Racine Water looking for a way to maintain archive systems, Charon has some obvious benefits:

It’s cost-effective: Charon solutions are lower in cost than a full migration and often even less than the annual maintenance contract for the original hardware.

It’s low-risk: Organizations legally obligated to maintain records can’t risk losing them in a hardware failure situation or in the middle of a migration process. Charon virtualizes the hardware without making any changes to the applications, keeping all data intact.

It’s seamless: There is no rewriting or modification required, and the transition process to implement Charon is a matter of days. End users interact with the system just as they always have, with no retraining required.

By choosing CHARON-HPA, Racine Water & Wastewater Utilities found a solution to their archived data problem at the right price, without jeopardizing their records or overturning their existing processes.

Is your company looking for a solution to access the archived data on legacy systems? Download the full case study here, or contact us here to request more information.