Cloud Virtualization for your Legacy Server

You may have seen our press release a while back when we launched Charon in the cloud. If you are thinking about virtualizing your legacy server to the cloud, this post provides additional information.

Why might a business virtualize to the cloud?

Charon in the cloud offers an additional option to virtualizing legacy servers on an industry standard server. The cloud option eliminates the need for on-premises hardware, thereby eliminating the capital cost of physical infrastructure. For a small business, this could be the deciding factor. Also, operational costs may be significantly reduced. Facility ownership, electricity costs, and some administrative tasks can be offloaded to the cloud provider.

Virtualizing to the cloud can be a big money saver for archive systems; with the pay-as-you-go concept of the cloud, organizations with archive systems only have costs when they actually spin-up the archived system. This becomes a strong option for organizations required to maintain access to their archived systems but not using them on a regular basis.

Charon in the cloud is, in effect, Software as a Service.

What about security?

There are two sides to this coin:

On the one hand: security is a concern for being in the cloud, because so much is happening behind the scenes that the customer can’t see.

On the other hand: cloud providers operate on economies of scale, and this means they can provide strong security options. Good security costs money. Cloud providers can spread the costs of security amongst their customers, meaning that part of what you pay for to be in the cloud is the security.

Ultimately, businesses must decide on a case-by-case basis whether the security offered by cloud providers will meet their needs. If your data is highly confidential, then you may not want to virtualize in the cloud. The cloud is very secure, but (as with most things) there is no guarantee. But depending on the confidentiality of your data and how often you are accessing the legacy application, virtualizing to the cloud could be a really good option.