Hardware Emulation for Legacy Servers

At Stromasys, our Charon product emulates hardware and not software. This emulation layer allows legacy software to talk to modern industry-standard hardware, effectively replacing aging hardware. Charon doesn’t emulate software applications, and it doesn’t emulate the legacy operating system. In fact, it does not modify either existing applications or the legacy OS.

In a nutshell, Charon emulates the original chip instruction sets to emulate devices used by the legacy system and translate commands from the unchanged legacy OS to the new underlying host OS in the modern OS language. The process is strictly hardware replacement, allowing the original application to run exactly as before on new hardware.

Our hardware emulation is so precise that tests run by DEC to test our CHARON-VAX against the original VAX hardware could not tell the difference between the two. Our virtual VAX passed the same quality assurance tests that DEC used to verify that their hardware was functioning correctly.

Because the Charon installation only changes the hardware, Charon users don’t have to have their software systems recertified. This is a huge benefit for businesses working in highly regulated spaces since recoding  and recertification (not always successful, time-consuming, and costly) is avoided.

Charon implementation, on the other hand, leaves the applications unchanged. The process of installing Charon is lower cost, lower risk, and requires less downtime. These benefits, as well as others, are why organizations around the world are running their legacy applications on Charon.