Announcing New Version Releases for Charon-AXP, Charon-VAX, Charon-PDP and Charon-SSP


We are pleased to announce the release of the new versions for Charon-AXP, Charon-VAX, Charon-PDP and Charon-SSP. The new versions are available immediately and will be the standard on all new licenses. Stromasys is also pleased to inform you that these updated versions are accessible for all customers under Stromasys Support. Below are the key features of the new releases for each Charon product line.

Features of Charon-SSP Version 1.4

  • Increased CPUs and faster performance
  • New graphics emulation as well asaudio emulation
  • Network boots (for starting multiple installations centrally)
  • Serial lines multiplexor emulation
  • Support for Hyper Threading
  • Addition of Solaris 9 support for 4M

Features of Charon-AXP, Charon-VAX, and Charon-PDP Version 4.8:

  • Introduction of Windows 10 support
  • Re-introduction of RHEL 6.5 and above support
  • New graphical user interface on Windows (a single window application which consolidates all Charon management tasks) and text based user interface on Linux
  • Functionality and performance improvements on Charon-AXP

Features of Charon-AXP/SMA/SMA Plus/Station Version 2.3:

  • All the bug fixes and other improvements have been incorporated into the release
  • Introduction of Windows 10 support

For all products, see the latest software product description here.

Contact Stromasys Support to request your upgrade.


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