AlphaServer Emulation

The Alpha server computer first came on the scene in 1994. And, even though times and technology have changed, many organizations are still using it. If yours is one of them, it’s time to consider a better option.

Here at Stromasys, we offer legacy server emulation specifically designed for AlphaServer users. With our emulator, you can enjoy a virtual Alpha environment without relying on costly, outdated hardware and the problems it can bring. In fact, when you make the switch with us, you’re sure to enjoy a variety of benefits.

Decreased Downtime

When you rely on an aging AlphaServer, unexpected downtime can become all too common. What’s worse is that, when you run into problems like these, finding a professional who can help you can be impossible or incredibly difficult, not to mention costly.

Our Alpha emulator, however, can greatly increase uptime and reliability. This makes it easier for you to continue doing business without interruptions that frustrate both you and your customers.

Reduced Costs

Old servers tend to require a lot of electricity. This can make your operation costs skyrocket. Switching to our Alpha emulation option, however, allows you to get rid of that costly hardware and move to a more affordable, virtualized system. Thus, not only can you save money on servicing and upkeep, but you can reduce overhead costs as well.

Fast Implementation

Often, people are interested in a virtual Alpha solution but fear that it will take a long time to make a change. However, we can transition you to our emulator very quickly, allowing you to get right back to work, but in a new and improved way.

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