SPARC Emulation: Prevent the Costs of Unplanned Downtime

  Unplanned system downtime on your legacy systems can be costly. In a recent post, we shared a few statistics about just what those figures might look like, but the costs of downtime in dollars, in time, in productivity, and in repercussions in general look different from one business to the next. Here at Stromasys, […]

Announcing CHARON-VAX and CHARON-AXP Version 4.7

  We are glad to announce the new CHARON-VAX and CHARON-AXP Version 4.7 for Windows and Linux. It is intended for current CHARON-VAX and CHARON-AXP users running all versions of CHARON as well as for physical Alpha and VAX systems replacement. New CHARON product features and benefits:  CHARON performance has been significantly optimized for the latest […]

Reduce Downtime Risk & Cost in Your Data Center

  Risk and cost are major concerns for organizations running applications on legacy hardware. The hardware, as it ages, becomes less reliable. As systems reach end-of-life, replacement parts grow scarce. And as the generation of these legacy system experts enters retirement, support is harder to find and its cost rises. Organizations can expect to face […]

Legacy Transformation for SPARC Systems

  This week, a Stromasys team is at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco demoing Charon solutions and showcasing CHARON-SSP, our virtualization solution for Oracle Sun SPARC systems. As with our other Charon families, CHARON-SSP is designed to meet the needs of legacy system users, in this case SPARC users, creating a virtual SPARC environment and […]

Archiving and Compliance: How Charon Can Help

More than ever, archiving data is essential for businesses. It’s integrated into disaster recovery plans, promotes business continuity, and in many cases is even legally mandated. Archived data protects businesses and the customers those businesses serve. But what do you do with the archived data? As those records age, so do the machines that house […]

Stromasys to attend IDC Technologies Legacy Conference

Legacy systems and their applications have significant impact on costs, efficiency, and, most importantly, the innovation of IT organizations. These systems carry with them a heritage of the past, but simultaneously represent potentially serious consequences to a company’s Line of Business (LOB). IDC predicts that in 2015, companies will grow as long as they will […]