Archiving and Compliance: How Charon Can Help

More than ever, archiving data is essential for businesses. It’s integrated into disaster recovery plans, promotes business continuity, and in many cases is even legally mandated. Archived data protects businesses and the customers those businesses serve. But what do you do with the archived data? As those records age, so do the machines that house […]

Stromasys to attend IDC Technologies Legacy Conference

Legacy systems and their applications have significant impact on costs, efficiency, and, most importantly, the innovation of IT organizations. These systems carry with them a heritage of the past, but simultaneously represent potentially serious consequences to a company’s Line of Business (LOB). IDC predicts that in 2015, companies will grow as long as they will […]

Eliminate the risk of Alpha Server hardware failure

  Wheeler Manufacturing, a jewelry manufacturer based in South Dakota, needed to protect their critical production applications running on an AlphaServer. These applications were highly customized, and the system itself had been in use for 15 years. When a disk drive failed and a full day of production was lost—in addition to the drive’s contents—Wheeler […]

Bring new life to your Sun SPARC Servers with CHARON-SSP

Stromasys helps customers swap out aging SPARC-based hardware for a new virtualized environment to lower operating costs, and reduce risks – all at once, and in a matter of days.   Stromasys today launches CHARON-SSP, a seamless solution for virtualizing classic Sun SPARC hardware. CHARON-SSP brings new life to the classic Sun SPARC systems under […]

SPARC Hardware Virtualization saves your hardware investment

Looking for a SPARC hardware virtualization? Charon-SSP is your choice Headache with increasing costs for aging SPARC servers’ maintenance and management? The power and cooling costs rise over time? SPARC Servers have come to end-of-life and no hardware replacement is available? Migration is too expensive and risky? Charon-SSP is your choice of SPARC hardware virtualization. […]