Offering Windows Server 2003 End of Life Options and Support

According to Microsoft, more than half of the 20 million-plus systems running a Windows Server OS still run the decade-old Windows Server 2003. These servers can’t provide the substantial computing, capacity, and efficiency advances we’ve seen in the past decade. Beginning July 14, 2015, Microsoft will no longer support Windows Server 2003. Stromasys is now […]

Legacy Application Cloud Migration

14 November, 2014 – For over 15 years, our Charon product family has enabled users to migrate their mission-critical systems and applications to the latest generation of hardware in a secure, quick, and cost-effective way. Now, we are offering a solution to migrate those same VAX, Alpha, HP 3000, PDP-11, and SPARC critical applications to […]

New Charon Product Releases

Stromasys is pleased to announce a major addition to its CHARON-VAX family: a CHARON-VAX for Linux line of products. CHARON-VAX for Linux is designed to run on Linux Red Hat Enterprise 6.x and Fedora distributions, offering a functionality and performance level similar to the CHARON-VAX for Windows line of products. With the release of CHARON-VAX […]

Reinforced Global Legacy System Support

With the recent reinforcements that we have made to our worldwide team of service, support, and implementation professionals, Stromasys now offers a more comprehensive support experience. Our team of virtualization experts and OpenVMS, Tru64 UNIX, SUN Solaris, and MPE/iX software engineers has grown to 15 members covering all of our main market areas (the Americas, […]

American Sales Team Expands to respond to growing market and customized solutions

Our dynamic sales team in North America is expanding! New Regional Sales Managers for the West Coast and the Midwest joined the team recently. Together with the growing US-based Pre-sales team we can increasingly reach out to the market in the Americas, as well as effectively respond to specific requests. Our new Federal Accounts division, […]