Meeting Performance Goals with Virtual SPARC from Stromasys

For many organizations considering virtualizing their legacy systems, the joy of eliminating the risk of aging hardware is just one piece of the puzzle. Another important consideration is whether a virtual environment can achieve the same performance levels as the original hardware. While hardware emulation often carries with it the implication of a slower system, […]

Running Charon on VMware ESXi Servers

We meet many customers interested in merging legacy applications or existing Charon instances into their corporate data center. If you have Sparc, HP3000, PDP-11, DEC VAX or DEC Alpha hardware, this post is for you. Charon provides the means to separate robust, working applications from failing hardware and run those applications on industry-standard servers in the datacenter. […]

An Overview of Legacy Software and Legacy Systems

If you are interested in learning more about legacy software and legacy systems, this post provides a brief overview. If you’d like to discuss options for your legacy system, please contact us. What is legacy software? Legacy software is software that has been around a long time and still fulfills a business need. It is mission […]

Hardware Emulation for Legacy Servers

At Stromasys, our Charon product emulates hardware and not software. This emulation layer allows legacy software to talk to modern industry-standard hardware, effectively replacing aging hardware. Charon doesn’t emulate software applications, and it doesn’t emulate the legacy operating system. In fact, it does not modify either existing applications or the legacy OS. In a nutshell, […]

Cloud Virtualization for your Legacy Server

You may have seen our press release a while back when we launched Charon in the cloud. If you are thinking about virtualizing your legacy server to the cloud, this post provides additional information. Why might a business virtualize to the cloud? Charon in the cloud offers an additional option to virtualizing legacy servers on […]

Developing a System Migration Strategy with Charon

If you have a legacy system, the hardware is aging and in danger of failing. Replacement parts may be hard to come by. Do you have a strategy to prepare for that imminent day? Organizations with legacy systems know they must have a plan to maintain their critical applications. When hardware breaks and a part […]