Press Release: Stromasys Charon-AXP and Charon-VAX is powered by Oracle Cloud and now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Oracle Cloud Customers Can Use Cross-Platform Alpha and VAX Server Virtualization Solutions for Oracle Cloud May 13, 2019 – CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Stromasys, the original and leading provider of enterprise-class cross-platform virtualization solutions for PDP-11, HP 3000 and HP 9000, SPARC, Digital Alpha and VAX, and a Gold level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today […]

Webinar: Moving Away from Aging Hardware: Cost-Effective Solutions

Date: Wednesday, May 8 Time: 2:00-3:00pm EST REGISTER TODAY: Within government organizations, critical and customized applications keep operations running or hold much-needed data, from issuing licenses to keeping tax records. These applications run on legacy servers and while the hardware is reliable now…they are quickly beyond end-of-life status with critical applications at risk. In addition, […]

Four increasing costs of keeping your aging hardware

  Things are running smoothly so far…the operating systems and applications, in which you’ve invested thousands of man hours and millions of dollars are still reliable and critical to your company’s operations. BUT the decades-old legacy hardware these valuable applications rest on is starting to cause you headaches. Your legacy system is reaching end-of-life status […]

Re-Hosting SPARC, Alpha, or Other Legacy Systems to AWS with Stromasys

By Thomas Netherland, Global Head of Alliances at Stromasys Companies still rely on mission-critical applications running on Sun SPARC, Alpha, or other legacy systems like PDP, VAX, or HP 3000. As time goes on, however, the maintenance costs for these systems goes up, and reliability declines due to their age. Re-architecting these applications is complex […]

Webinar: Decrease your expenses in 2019 by emulating your legacy applications

Legacy systems in your company: The ROI & Organizational Impact On Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018, our engineer and sales experts, Dave Clements and Sandy Levitt, held a webinar in conjunction with IOUG. They discussed the pain points companies felt when having legacy systems within companies and what organizations can do about it. Legacy hardware is […]

Digitale Transformation von Unternehmen profitiert von der Emulation

28. Juni 2018 – Stromasys, der weltweit führende Anbieter unternehmensgerechter plattformübergreifender Emulation und Virtualisierung, analysiert, wie entscheidend die Emulation und die Virtualisierung für die digitale Transformation von Unternehmen sind. Die Emulation und Virtualisierung gelten heute als Technologien, die wichtige Veränderungen in verschiedenen Branchen vorantreiben, indem sie starren, veralteten Systemen mehr Flexibilität verleihen und sie in […]