Hardware Emulation for DEC Alpha Servers

Many businesses and organizations are still using legacy DEC Alpha servers. Unfortunately, however, these systems can develop problems as they age. Furthermore, they are often unreliable and consume a lot of resources. For this reason, many businesses are making the smart choice and switching to DEC Alpha server hardware emulation with the help of Stromasys.

Emulation for Many DEC Systems

A variety of DEC legacy systems are still in use. But, here at Stromasys, we’re proud to offer hardware virtualization options for all the most common ones. These include:

With our help, you can continue working in a way that’s familiar to you, but without the risks and downfalls associated with older hardware.


Continuing to run aging hardware can cost your organization a lot of money over time. When you implement our hardware emulation option, however, you can replace your DEC Alpha server without making changes to your operating system or legacy applications.

In fact, the only changes you’re likely to notice are reduced costs. Our customers typically see lowered energy bills immediately after we’ve virtualized their setup. That’s because they no longer have to contend with old hardware that requires massive cooling and consumes vast amounts of power.

User-Friendly Design

Despite the many benefits of hardware emulation, many people are worried about making the switch. They fear that there will be extended downtimes migrating their DEC Alpha or other DEC systems. Or, they’re worried that an emulated system will be difficult or confusing to use.

However, none of those legacy software migration fears are rooted in reality. Your emulated system will be easy to use. In fact, you can work exactly the way you did before. Furthermore, we can make your new setup work for you. If you need to add in multiple users, we’ve got you covered. Or, if you have a preference between on-prem or cloud virtualization, we can handle it. You’re in full control every step of the way!

Contact Us Today

If you’re ready to take a future-forward step for your organization, contact us today. We’ll gladly talk with you about our emulation options and the advantages they offer. The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner your business can be on its way to a brighter future.