Upgrade PDP-11 and DEC Legacy Systems Through Virtualization

At one point in time, the DEC PDP-11 was an extremely popular computer. Created by the Digital Equipment Corporation, or DEC for short, the computer was first created in the 1960s and continued being manufactured until the 1990s.

The programmed data processor-11, which is the full name of this computer, was also known for running its VAX and VMS or Virtual Memory Systems, which many organizations still use, in some form or another, today.

Unfortunately, this system and its iterations are quite old and outdated, which can cause problems for users. That’s why, here at Stromasys, we offer hardware virtualization options for those still using these older methods.

A Smart Switch

When users switch out their DEC legacy systems for Stromasys’ Charon-PDP, they’ll benefit from a virtual PDP environment. This allows them to move on from aging hardware and other programs and issues, such as crashes and the increased operating costs that go along with them.

Despite how major and beneficial this change is, it does not involve a difficult or risky migration process. In fact, the original software does not actually change, and operation continues much the same as usual, other than being smoother and less prone to risk.

Users appreciate that they can continue to work in familiar ways without experiencing the drawbacks of a legacy system.

Continued Quality

Despite the fact that DEC-VMS and other DEC systems are outdated, they still provide many things that users need. In fact, that’s why so many people continue to use older systems, despite the problems they pose.

With Stromasys, our emulation solution options, such as the Charon-PDP system and our Charon-VAX system, have all of the features users need from their legacy systems, without the issues associated with legacy systems.

In fact, when we ran DEC tests on our Charon-VAX system, the original VAX hardware could not tell that it was running a different system, proving that users who switch to one of our systems will enjoy the very same features they did with their legacy programs.


Our virtualization options can make your legacy systems more efficient and effective. And, if you’re concerned about the cost of making the switch, don’t be. After your initial investment, you will enjoy lower total cost of ownership with our virtualization systems installed.

When updates are needed to keep your system modern, you don’t have to replace any real equipment. Instead, your virtualization system is simply upgraded internally with no new product purchases necessary.

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Moving on from old systems and hardware just makes sense, especially if you can continue working without interruption. To learn more about the different options for updating and upgrading your current systems, get in touch with Stromasys today.