Charon-AXP ensures continuity of business critical applications for Shri Dinesh Mills

The Challenge

Shri Dinesh Mills’ Information Technology Department is responsible for two major aspects of the company’s operations: production control and electronic data processing. The latter unit, with a team of 20, runs a business-critical application that tracks order bookings by agents, order-based production planning, sales invoicing, and associated forecasting and reporting. This application covers close to 30,000 invoice transactions per year, generating revenues of 750 million INR (approximately 17 million USD). The unit also runs a critical payroll application for more than 1,200 employees.

For over 10 years, these two business-critical applications were run on an AlphaServer 800. However, the AlphaServer was growing old, and when it failed, which was happening more and more often, it was hard to get support. Consequently, the IT department began exploring different options to address the challenge of ensuring continuity for the mill’s critical applications…

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