Charon-VAX helps reduce failover recovery time and update legacy VAX system

The Challenge

A large financial services company in New Zealand had been running key life insurance applications on an OpenVMS system since its inception in 1989, but the rapid growth of the company was challenging the capacity of their legacy VAX system. Another concern was that the system was not fully compatible with best-practice disaster-recovery systems, such as EMC SAN and the use of virtual tape backups, which were in place across the rest of the company’s network.

Since the financial services company was dependent on the legacy system for key client and adviser data and applications, the challenge was to replicate the exact functionality of the legacy software on a modern platform. They wanted a system that was capable of supporting a state-of-the-art failover and failback disaster recovery site, without incurring the extensive cost of rewriting and testing all of their existing software…

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