Why do manufacturers choose Charon® for legacy system virtualization?

Hundreds of manufacturers around the world have chosen Charon® to protect and preserve their mission-critical applications. As the underlying hardware ages, the applications that manage production processes are put at risk. Hardware breakdown and failure can impact a manufacturing organization’s reputation—and it’s costly. Gartner estimates that the average large corporation experiences 87 hours of downtime per year and loses $42,000 for each of those hours. What would the costs be for your manufacturing organization?

Helping Manufacturers Virtualize Legacy Hardware

For twenty years, we’ve been helping manufacturers virtualize legacy hardware for modern x86 or cloud platforms. They continue to run their trusted applications without modification, recertification, or employee retraining—and typically at a fraction of the cost of a full migration project or annual maintenance of the original hardware.

H2: Implementing Charon® legacy server emulation solutions in your manufacturing organization

Prevent unplanned downtime with Charon. With implementation typically requiring five business days or less, and a scheduled cutover time to limit business production downtime, interruption to business operations is minimal.

If you’re running applications on legacy PDP-11, VAX, Alpha, HP 3000, or Sun SPARC systems, let Stromasys help you emulate the hardware. Join manufacturers the world that have experienced the benefits of hardware emulation: reduce risk, lower costs, improve performance, and preserve your applications with Charon from Stromasys.

Read how one manufacturer achieved system reliability and improved performance with Charon, eliminating hardware downtime and accomplishing tasks in half the time they took on the original hardware.

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