Why do energy businesses choose Charon® for legacy server virtualization?

The mission-critical applications that support energy businesses are often running at aging hardware, putting the applications at risk. Hardware breakdown and failure can impact your business’s reputation, and it’s costly.

Gartner estimates that the average large corporation experiences 87 hours of downtime per year and loses $42,000 for each of those hours. What would the costs of lost production be for your energy business?

Helping Companies Emulate Legacy Hardware

For twenty years, Stromasys has been helping energy companies emulate legacy hardware on modern x86 or cloud platforms. They continue to run their trusted applications without modification, recertification, or employee retraining—and typically at a fraction of the cost of a full migration project or annual maintenance of the original hardware.

Implementing Charon® legacy server emulation solutions in the energy industry

Charon legacy hardware emulation solutions provide a way for the energy business to prevent unplanned downtime due to hardware failure. With implementation typically completed in five business days or less—and cutover scheduled at a time convenient for the business—interruption to employees and business operations is minimal.

If you’re running applications on legacy PDP-11, VAX, Alpha, HP 3000, or Sun SPARC systems, let us help you emulate the hardware. Join energy providers around the world that have emulated their hardware with Charon: mitigate risk, lower costs, improve performance, and preserve your applications.

Read about how one business reduced footprint and power usage and saw increased operating speeds with Charon.

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