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Preserve your investments and extend the life of your mission-critical applications running on SPARC systems

Looking for a SPARC hardware virtualization? Charon-SSP is your choice

Headache with increasing costs for aging SPARC servers’ maintenance and management? The power and cooling costs rise over time? SPARC Servers have come to end-of-life and no hardware replacement is available? Migration is too expensive and risky? Charon-SSP is your choice of SPARC hardware virtualization.

Charon-SSP is the virtualization solution that recreates the SPARC virtual hardware layer on industry standard x86 computer system. There is no expensive migration process, no software re-engineering and even no training for system managers or users required.

Charon-SSP virtualization solution brings benefits to your business

  • Business Continuity
  • Reduce Risk
  • Lower Costs
  • Improve Performance
  • Data Center Consolidation

Charon-SSP supports Sun Solaris that ran on systems by SUN Microsystems, which were eventually bought by Oracle. Stromasys, as a member of the Oracle Partner Network, we make it easier for customers to move to Charon SSP on an Oracle Sun x86 Linux server. 

Download the CHARON-SSP datasheet or contact a Stromasys expert to learn more about our Charon virtualization solutions.

Offering Windows Server 2003 End of Life Options and Support

According to Microsoft, more than half of the 20 million-plus systems running a Windows Server OS still run the decade-old Windows Server 2003. These servers can’t provide the substantial computing, capacity, and efficiency advances we’ve seen in the past decade.

Beginning July 14, 2015, Microsoft will no longer support Windows Server 2003. Stromasys is now offering services to assist our customers in upgrading to Windows Server 2012—and, at the same time, to a newer and higher-functioning version of CHARON-VAX.

  • Reduce risk
  • Reduce cost
  • Protect your investment
  • Improve performance
  • Promote business continuity

If any of your Charon customers are currently running Windows Server 2003, together we can assist them in updating their servers and their Charon software.

Upgrade to the newest version of Charon software


New Charon Product Releases

Stromasys is pleased to announce a major addition to its CHARON-VAX family: a CHARON-VAX for Linux line of products. CHARON-VAX for Linux is designed to run on Linux Red Hat Enterprise 6.x and Fedora distributions, offering a functionality and performance level similar to the CHARON-VAX for Windows line of products. With the release of CHARON-VAX on Linux, Stromasys is offering full Linux support for the entire line of products.

CHARON-VAX for Windows has also been significantly updated, now including additional VAX emulated models (VAX 4700, 4705, 6640, and 6650), adding the latest Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and VMware ESXi 5.5 support, extending protection options with network and software licensing, providing additional emulated VAX hardware (DRV11-WA), and including various improvements to networking, storage, and monitoring capabilities.

CHARON-VAX for Linux is available as of November 1st.

In addition, HP and Stromasys are pleased to announce the release of version 7.8 of Cockpit Manager for OpenVMS, a powerful monitoring system for OpenVMS environment. This is also available as of November 1st.

American Sales Team Expands to respond to growing market and customized solutions

Our dynamic sales team in North America is expanding! New Regional Sales Managers for the West Coast and the Midwest joined the team recently. Together with the growing US-based Pre-sales team we can increasingly reach out to the market in the Americas, as well as effectively respond to specific requests. Our new Federal Accounts division, spearheaded by seasoned federal space professionals, is a major step towards increased involvement in federal projects nationwide. Our expanding sales team is always available to provide you with more information about our solutions for VAX, ALPHA, HP 3000, PDP-11 and SPARC.

Grand Opening of New Stromasys Asia Pacific Headquarters

The highly anticipated new headquarters of Stromasys Asia Pacific opened on September 6, 2014.Torsten Schulz, Global Head of Sales, and Peter Luk, Head of Sales, Asia Pacific, started off the morning with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“We’re very excited to welcome guests in our new office premises, and we look forward to serving our customers and partners much better in the future,” Peter Luk, Head of Sales, Asia Pacific.

“The opening of Asia Pacific Headquarters is a major milestone, not only for the expansion of Stromasys, but for the future of technology innovation,” said Torsten Schulz, Global Head of Sales. The Stromasys team enjoyed the opportunity to meet and network with customers and partners who came and made the event so special.