Thanks to Stromasys’ Charon emulator and support team, we were able to successfully deploy an environment to contain Solaris servers that were critical to our customer’s operation. Once migrated, connectivity from the Charon-contained instances to the rest of the environment is effective and smooth. Now these Solaris servers run efficiently within Charon emulator and the client is more than happy with a cloud-based solution for a critical part of their operation than before the migration they resignedly accepted to host on premises.

Javier Tavera, PMO UOC Transformation Programme at Accenture More about CHARON-SSP

Stromasys’s virtualization solution enabled us to quickly and seamlessly transition our business-critical applications to a vendor-independent platform.

Nimish U. Patel, Managing Director at Shri Dinesh Mills More about CHARON-AXP

The Charon- AXP system is faster and more reliable than the original hardware, and the improved stability was well worth the investment for our client.

Timothy Hunter, Analyst Manager at Navigant Consulting More about CHARON-AXP

We went from paying more than $100,000 in maintenance fees per year to paying just under $10,000 per year. And it took virtually no effort on our part.

Mark Gillespie, Data Center Operations Manager at WorkflowOne More about CHARON-VAX

The Charon solution worked exactly as it said it would. UBS gave us the level of backup that made it practical for us to do the installation ourselves, and they were always available on the phone when we needed them.

Rob Buxton, Solutions Architect at Wellington City Council More about CHARON-VAX

The legacy AlphaServer was the IT backbone of our company and controlled our entire production system. Replacing it with customized Windows software would have cost millions, so the Charon-AXP solution has been a real godsend for us.

Lesleyanne Clifton, Project Manager at Tomago Aluminium More about CHARON-AXP

We expected to reduce maintenance fees and increase our storage and memory capabilities using the Charon- AXP software. The fact that the new system performs twice as fast as the original and takes up much less space is just icing on the cake.

Jose Valdez, Network Administrator at MediSolution More about CHARON-AXP

Charon helped us to gain the time we need to migrate our system without worrying constantly about the availability of the old hardware.

Michael Flader, Head of IT at Linnenbecker More about CHARON-VAX

The system remained up for a year before we shut down for routine maintenance. It is even more stable than the original VAX.

Blair Simister, Information Systems Manager at Flexi-Coil More about CHARON-VAX

Space is a big commodity. Using Charon-VAX, we went from refrigerator-sized VAX hardware that also required a refrigerator-sized array, to a modern, rackable HP DL 2U server.

Steve Olson, VMS Systems Manager at Fidelity National Financial More about CHARON-VAX


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