Many organizations are still using legacy software and systems. In case you’re not familiar with the term, legacy software is old, outdated software that you feel forced to use due to vendor lock-in or the difficulty of making a change. Legacy systems, on the other hand, are even worse because they make use of both legacy software and legacy hardware.

These methods, though they may have once worked well, will inevitably start to cause issues and become costly to use. Yet, companies sometimes still cling to these programs because they can’t afford the downtime and learning curve associated with a switch, but that’s not a wise strategy for many reasons.

Here at Stromasys, we focus on virtualizing these older systems without making any changes to your business software. That way, users can move beyond the limitations of their legacy systems without the drawbacks, of which there are many.

Wasted Money

To begin with, legacy systems can be extremely costly to operate. They are often slow and inefficient. Furthermore, since they’re outdated, they are prone to crashing and other issues, which means having to spend money on physical repairs and maintenance.

Organizations may think they’re saving money by not updating their systems. But, the investment in upgrading to our legacy server emulation system can ultimately save a lot of money.


Unfortunately, legacy technology can also leave users vulnerable to cyber attacks and data breaches. And, for organizations that handle sensitive information, these kinds of risks can be extremely serious.

When we virtualize your processes, we also help guard against the risks associated with running legacy software. This means that you get to enjoy a convenient, easy-to-use system immediately and without any drawbacks!

Increased Downtime

Finally, because periodic system failure is extremely likely with legacy programs, organizations using them can expect to experience more downtime. Increased, unplanned downtime can be frustrating for both employees and customers and can lead to lost profits and productivity.

Fortunately, our virtualized systems can eliminate unexpected downtime, keeping everyone satisfied and able to work effectively.

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To Learn MoreThe bottom line is that If you’re still running legacy programs, then you’re at risk! These include the following programs and more:

  • PDP-11
  • VAX
  • Alpha
  • HP 3000

Stop dealing with the fallout of relying on these and other outdated programs. Upgrade with our help and our Charon system. To learn more about these and other virtualization solutions and how they can benefit your organization, no matter its size or scope, we invite you to contact us today. We look forward to working with you.