Our team of specialists to help improve your legacy systems with safe and efficient migration alternatives

The Professional Services Division expands the combined knowledge of Stromasys experts to offer innovative, creative, and unique services. Our expertise in classic architectures, customization, and rigorous testing is at the core of our three-fold approach to professional services.



The aim of Stromasys Transitioning Services is to bridge any gaps between your classic system and modern technology. Transitioning Services include code conversion to C/C++ and reverse engineering applications to help companies better understand and optimize their classic systems and applications.


Stromasys Infrastructure Services include support for your current infrastructure as well as in-depth audit of your existing infrastructure in order to make it more efficient and reliable. Our integration techniques will help you to align all of your technologies and make the entire system as effective as possible.


Stromasys Re-engineering Services help companies better manage their codes, making systems easier to work with. By restructuring, decentralizing, consolidating, and minimizing dependency, Re-engineering Services systematize the codes and provide the engineer with a more straightforward task.