How to Move on From Solaris SPARC

Not too long ago, Solaris was a major Unix operating system. However, like other similar operating systems, it has undergone many changes, including a major acquisition in 2010 by Oracle, which bought the system from Sun Microsystems and renamed it Oracle Solaris.

Commonly referred to as Solaris SPARC, SPARC systems were able to run the Oracle Solaris system with great success. For quite some time, the system was considered incredibly advanced, making it an excellent fit for enterprise computing due to its high-speed database performance and Java applications. Users also loved that it did not require third-party add-ons.

However, these same users/businesses are now realizing that there are issues with this system and that they are much better off using virtualization, which can be made easier with an emulator. If you’re one of them, read on to learn how Stromasys can help you to streamline your legacy server operations without relying on a less-than-reliable system.

Lack of Compatibility and Cohesion

One of the major problems with continuing to use Solaris SPARC is that its servers are significantly aging and not being maintained, supported & updated as they should, which can affect your day-to-day operations. With the system developing more and more problems, it becomes more and more difficult to use effectively or reliably. It also grows less and less compatible with other processes, which do continue to develop and don’t “stand still” in the way that this legacy system has to a large degree.

Furthermore, when one considers the history of change and confusion that surrounds this operating system, the one thing that’s clear is that a long-term solution is required. And, a lack of clarity and cohesion in terms of its operating system is not healthy or safe for any business.

A Simple Switch

With so many problems existing with this operating system, many wonder why any organization would continue to use it. The answer is surprisingly simple. Change is difficult, even when it’s a positive change. For many already-overwhelmed organizations, the prospect of switching to a new operating system and an entirely new way of doing things is incredibly intimidating or expensive.

However, with the right SPARC emulation program, which we can provide, it’s entirely possible for businesses to make a switch without any difficulty or “growing pains.” A great emulator can operate just as SPARC hardware once did, but better. It can adapt to modern servers, which allows for increased performance and efficiency without affecting current software or applications and without requiring any reprogramming.

The Ideal Solution

Because the use of a SPARC emulator can be both beneficial and painless to enact, it just makes sense for modern organizations. And, the emulator in question is the Charon-SSP/4M/4U/4V system, available for implementation from Stromasys, which allows for cross-platform hardware virtualization.

This emulator uses the same SPARC binary code a SPARC-reliant system uses and can easily and effortlessly replace 4M, 4U, and 4V systems.

The result is a faster, more efficient, and more affordable server experience all around. Companies who have switched to this emulator typically enjoy increased storage space, better bandwidth, and the ability to more easily test and run software without complications or negative effects on other applications.

The choice is clear. If you’re stuck in the past with Solaris SPARC, let us help you move to the present and beyond with an emulator that offers all the great features of Solaris SPARC, without any of the drawbacks.

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