Solaris Sun Virtualization

Despite its age, many organizations are still using Solaris Sun, which has several potential downfalls. But, with the help of Stromasys, you can migrate your legacy hardware using one of our Solaris Sun virtualization options.

Solaris Sun Growing Risk

The Sun Solaris operating system (OS) was once considered top of the line. Now, though, the hardware it typically relies on is growing older by the millisecond. And, the older it grows, the greater the risk to your business. To stop worrying about hardware failure and downtime, among other risks, and to embrace better accuracy and faster results, it’s time to take advantage of a Stomasys solution.

Poor Solaris Sun Support

Want proof your Solaris Sun hardware, software, and overall infrastructure need to be virtualized? Consider that tech support is not easily available.

The truth is that the older legacy hardware and software get, the more limited admin professionals are in their ability to support them.

Let us upgrade you to a modern system, one that works like your old system, but that can be easily managed and serviced as needed.

Increasing Costs

Not only is it difficult to find a professional who can provide support for your original Solaris/Sun OS and hardware, it’s also very expensive. And, that’s assuming you can even find someone capable of handling the job.

That’s not the only cost involved in maintaining old-fashioned hardware either. Electricity costs, heating and cooling costs, and general infrastructure costs can also add up quickly. Thus, when you virtualize your hardware and possibly your infrastructure, you’re very likely to save a lot of money, both immediately and in the long-term.

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If you’re facing any of these issues, you definitely need our help. Even if you’re not now, there’s a good chance you will soon, at least if you continue using your current setup. Don’t put your livelihood at risk or make things harder than they have to be. Switch to a better, safer, and all-around more effective and efficient solution now. Step into the future by reaching out to us today.