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New Charon Product Releases

Stromasys is pleased to announce a major addition to its CHARON-VAX family: a CHARON-VAX for Linux line of products. CHARON-VAX for Linux is designed to run on Linux Red Hat Enterprise 6.x and Fedora distributions, offering a functionality and performance level similar to the CHARON-VAX for Windows line of products. With the release of CHARON-VAX on Linux, Stromasys is offering full Linux support for the entire line of products.

CHARON-VAX for Windows has also been significantly updated, now including additional VAX emulated models (VAX 4700, 4705, 6640, and 6650), adding the latest Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and VMware ESXi 5.5 support, extending protection options with network and software licensing, providing additional emulated VAX hardware (DRV11-WA), and including various improvements to networking, storage, and monitoring capabilities.

CHARON-VAX for Linux is available as of November 1st.

In addition, HP and Stromasys are pleased to announce the release of version 7.8 of Cockpit Manager for OpenVMS, a powerful monitoring system for OpenVMS environment. This is also available as of November 1st.