Case Study

Charon-AXP helps EIS Wire & Cable reduce MRP time from 15 minutes to under 1 minute.

The Challenge

The challenge faced by EIS Wire & Cable revolved around their heavy reliance on the AlphaServer ES40, which was launched in the late nighties. The were running a fully integrated business system, including proprietary Software and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) software connecting to Record Management Systems (RMS) databases, on this hardware. While they diligently performed daily backups to the cloud and internal storage, the Alpha hardware supporting their system posed a significant obstacle. It was getting harder and harder to find replacement hardware for the AlphaServer, which was made worse by lack of expertise required to install non-hot swappable parts.

Recognizing the criticality of the AlphaServer ES40 to business operations, EIS Wire & Cable realized that they were one issue away from shutting down our business as this became the single most point of failure. Their key priority was to keep things running smoothly while also making sure that switching to new hardware could be done in a safe and orderly manner using a thorough test cutover procedure.

EIS Wire & Cable initially considered transitioning to a new cloud-based ERP system. However, they soon realized the monumental investment of time, resources, and finances such a migration would demand. After careful evaluation, they determined that the funds required for just a one-year subscription to the new ERP system could be better utilized to finance an entire project aimed at migrating their existing software to a Windows-based platform, with the expertise and support provided by Stromasys.

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