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Government and Defense Application Modernization

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Stromasys Charon® software emulators virtualize and enable DEC Alpha, DEC VAX, DEC PDP, PA-RISC systems, and Sun SPARC systems onto x86 platforms or Azure, AWS, Google, or Oracle clouds.

Stromasys technology provides a precise and exact duplicate of the original hardware systems (to the BIOS level), which ensures that applications remain untouched and are enabled to migrate without disruption or modification.

Complexity Management for Obsolescence

Complexity management is not a do-it-yourself prospect. Agencies and integrators need to find quality partners for reliable hardware, software, service, and support and use these vendors as trusted allies.

Stromasys is such a partner. We provide our customers with the design, architecting, and engineering expertise of a business partner and the economics of an outside vendor. With our solution, customers can modernize their environment in order to run their applications at needed performance levels with maximum efficiency and reliability.

Closing the Accelerating Gap

There is a substantial obsolescence “gap” beginning to accelerate within government agencies. The processor-based server, device, console, and appliance markets continue to evolve at a quantum pace. Software applications, utilities, and games continue to grow to keep pace with processor-based hardware. Stromasys has compelling technical reach and lab capabilities to ensure end users are no longer held hostage to revenue-driven hardware and software companies controlling end-user technical-refresh cycles, weapon system sustainment cycles, and mission-critical application life cycles.

In 1998, Stromasys saw the opportunity to lift and shift mission-critical applications from aging legacy hardware to modern operating environments. Customers embrace the value of preserving their high-functioning, high-investment legacy applications while removing the risks associated with legacy hardware. The concept allows customers to maintain applications that are self-reinforced with trained and certified end-users and completed compliance testing.

We’ve renewed our strategic focus on the continued emergence of cloud computing and the IoT. Emulation and Digital Twin solutions are needed to address the interconnectivity of today’s architectures. Peripheral devices require their own emulators, and enterprises need an emulation platform that can be customized to their business: incorporating the connectivity and proprietary technologies that may allow them to dominate their missions and domains, e.g., governance, security, weapons, sensors, maintenance, logistics, or admin.

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  • U.S. small business headquartered in Raleigh, N.C., with offices in Washington, D.C., and Boston.
  • 2017 NAICS 511210 – Software publishers
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