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The Leader In Legacy Hardware Virtualization

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Stromasys is the original and leading provider of enterprise-class cross-platform virtualization solutions for SunSPARC, PA-RISC, DEC VAX, DEC Alpha, and DEC PDP-11 servers. Since our founding in 1998, Stromasys has provided the world’s leading organizations with a better way to break free from the growing risks associated with legacy hardware maintenance.

Your Team of Experts

Our team works hand in hand with customers and partners, delivering an unmatched level of expertise and experience. Stromasys experts use the collective experience of thousands of installs across 70 countries and partner alliances with all major cloud providers to optimize application performance to customer requirements.

Charon®Emulation Software

We engineered our Charon® emulation software to help businesses overcome the IT challenge of maintaining a complex patchwork of disparate legacy technologies and solutions.

Stromasys experts, products, and partners work together to virtualize your legacy systems in the cloud or on-premises seamlessly. No reengineering, rewriting software, or retraining users is required. Our lift-and-shift migration makes it possible to continue to run your application as usual on its native operating system even after it’s moved to modern hardware.

The Gartner group recognized Stromasys in their 2011 technology report as the leader in “processor emulation” and in 2013 as a “Cool Vendor.”

In 2022 Stromasys achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Migration and Modernization Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Competency status for AWS Partners recognizing our demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success automating and accelerating customer application migration and modernization journeys.

The Most Cost-Effective Solution

If your business is trying to determine what to do with your classic systems, our team of experts can help. Speak to a legacy application migration specialist to see if Stromasys virtualization is right for your enterprise.

The Stromasys Story

Founded in 1998, Stromasys has headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and in Raleigh, North Carolina with sales offices as well as engineering, development, and research labs located around the world. Here are a few of our many corporate milestones.

  • 1998

    Software Resources International (SRI) established via management buyout following DEC’s acquisition by Compaq

  • 2000

    First CHARON-VAX sold to New Bedford Public Schools

  • 2004

    Over 1,000 CHARON-VAX licenses sold

  • 2006

    Launch of CHARON-AXP

  • 2008

    SRI goes global (opening offices in the US and Asia) and changes name to Stromasys

  • 2012

    Launch of CHARON-PAR

    Stromasys customers have logged over 50 million hours of aggregate uptime running Charon products since 2000

  • 2013

    Gartner recognizes Stromasys for innovative strategies in server market evolution

  • 2015

    Launch of CHARON-SSP

  • 2017

    Launch of Charon on the Cloud

  • 2022

    Stromasys receives AWS Migration and Modernization Competency status

  • 2023

    Stromasys becomes part of Partner One

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