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You have customers who have heavily invested in mission-critical legacy applications that currently run on aging hardware platforms such as SPARC, PA-RISC, Alpha, VAX, or even PDP-11. Over the years, those hardware platforms have entered End of Life Status. They are less reliable than they once were, use a lot of expensive energy and are costly to maintain.

Data Center Modernization

Are you already assisting such customers in migrating their infrastructure to even newer x86, cloud or even hybrid solutions or virtualizations? With Stromasys, you can pull those legacy applications and systems into your campaigns and enable your customers to achieve holistic data center modernization. Partner with Stromasys and move one step closer to modernizing and streamlining your customer’s entire IT infrastructure.

Our Solutions

Our solutions virtualize your customer’s old hardware on new x86 systems without changing the
customer’s legacy software. Our software emulates legacy hardware so that legacy applications still think they are running on the original hardware. The only thing your customers’ end-users and system administrators will notice about the switch is an improvement (often dramatic) in legacy software performance. Legacy systems often run faster, offer more storage and business continuance options, and create the ability to move legacy apps to the cloud.

Stromasys Charon® emulation software is cross-platform virtualization software family that includes versions for various legacy hardware emulation.

Let’s talk about how we can work together to help your clients protect their big investments in
legacy software while eliminating the risks of legacy hardware. Take the next steps by downloading the partner guide and filling out the contact us form below.


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Stromasys provides several types and tiers of Referral and Reseller partnering opportunities. Within each type of partnership, there are several tiers that offer increasing benefits.

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Our downloadable guide includes detailed information on the process and benefits of becoming a Stromasys Solution Partner.