Getting the technology integration right during mergers and acquisitions can be challenging. This challenge becomes exponentially complicated when dealing with multiple legacy hardware platforms and data crucial to the functioning the business.

One multi-national Stromasys customer that manufactures various products across all sectors, including consumer, healthcare, manufacturing, and defense, had successfully run Charon-PAR to host their manufacturing applications for years. The desire to close aging data centers and eliminate the risk from aging x86 hardware meant finding a new solution that did not involve a costly re-writing or replacement of their critical applications.

Re-hosting their on-premises Charon-PAR (MPE and HP-UX) workloads to AWS using application migration service, or MGN would allow them to replace their aging hardware and get closer to their goal of closing their expensive data centers. Partnering with Stromasys and its solution partner, LCI, to provide hands-on assistance during their cloud migration, the customer leveraged AWS Cloud Endure to complete the migration successfully.

We’ve had no issues since the switchover, the customer is seeing the many benefits of being on the cloud now.

– Jeff Stothart, LCI director of technical services