lower cost

Not only are Stromasys solutions lower in cost than full migration, but they are often less than the cost of a single year’s support of the legacy hardware. At Stromasys, we know our customers work within tight budgets. We prioritize cost-efficiency so your money can go further.

improve performance

Stromasys solutions run on modern architecture, bringing your applications into the 21st century. Customers marvel at the dramatic speed improvements when running commands on Charon compared to the original hardware – accomplishing tasks in a fraction of the time!

reduce risk

We know that downtime is not an option for your mission-critical systems. By removing the aging hardware from the equation, Charon solutions eliminate the risk of unplanned downtime.

save energy

Reduce your organization’s environmental footprint by trading out your legacy hardware and replacing it with Charon solutions, which run on industry standard servers. The substantial reduction in power usage decreases your company’s environmental impact – not to mention the utility bill.

protect investment

Extend the life cycle of your critical applications. The legacy hardware may be end-of-life, but the applications running on that hardware are not. With Stromasys, those applications will continue to run, unchanged, on a modern platform – thus ensuring business continuity.



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Critical application must run smoothly
Business continuity is vital
Upgrade. Virtualize. Integrate.

Stromasys solutions preserve your classic systems:
VAX – Alpha – HP 3000 – PDP-11 – SPARC

Providing engineered solutions for an evolving IT landscape

In recent years, IT departments face new challenges: cloud-based solutions give business units greater autonomy, and IT departments must maintain increasingly complex arrangements of disparate technologies. In addition, the systems that were once high-performing remain mission-critical but are falling short of industry standards. IT professionals must address the reality of maintaining processes and budget. Of improving performance without increasing costs. Of preserving the investment while diminishing risk. And that’s where Stromasys comes in.

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Preserve your applications with Stromasys

If your business is running legacy systems, let us help you virtualize. Our team of experts can provide solutions that will allow you to maintain those systems without the risks associated with the aging hardware. To speak to a virtualization specialist and see if Stromasys is right for your legacy systems.