Charon-SSP enables data center exit

Stromasys software Charon-SSP carried a mission-critical insurance app into service on the AWS cloud. Vinay Arumalla, DevOps Architect at insurance-analytics firm Verisk, says, “When we saw an article that Charon is a Sun SPARC emulator that can run Sun Solaris on AWS, we said, okay, let’s try it. We did the proof of concept and made the application work.”

Aging Sun hardware at Verisk—along with a corporate mission to put applications into the AWS cloud—sparked the transition. AWS is the only cloud that Verisk uses. Replicating the operations and speeds of the app was crucial.

Michael Ruane, IT Development Manager, says, “Our integration went very smooth. Our response times for the application were on par with what was happening on-prem today, and they met our service level agreements.”

Ruane adds, “We set our application up in a true production and DR environment, using Stromasys to bring our systems out to AWS, so we could get the app out of our datacenter.”

SPARC emulation compatibility in AWS is a unique offering in the industry. “Ever since we integrated this Stromasys solution,” Arumalla says, “I still don’t know of any other solution like it to host a Solaris emulator on AWS.”

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