Charon provides cost-effective solution for Wellington City Council’s VAX and Alpha systems

The Challenge

Most of Wellington City Council’s IT system ran in a modern Windows environment except for rate payments, an important customer-facing service, which relied on 20-year-old VAX and Alpha systems that were reaching the end of their useful lives.

As the economic downturn had forced cuts to the city budget, the council’s IT department was keen to avoid the cost of rewriting the software applications running on the original systems when transferring these functions, as well as a large quantity of related data, to a new Windows environment.

The challenge was to find a low-cost, highly efficient solution to upgrade the aging legacy hardware. The system also needed a new level of back-up security to protect sensitive ratepayer data and financial records. The goal was to link the functions fulfilled by the legacy system to a new HP EVA SAN and enable data replication to a modern disaster-recovery site…

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