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Customers Talk About Working with Stromasys

Hear directly from customers how Stromasy legacy system modernization helped them realize an impressive return on investment.

Talk to an Expert

We expected to reduce maintenance fees and increase our storage and memory capabilities using the Charon- AXP software. The fact that the new system performs twice as fast as the original and takes up much less space is just icing on the cake.

Jose Valdez
Network Administrator at MediSolution

Space is a big commodity. Using Charon-VAX, we went from refrigerator-sized VAX hardware that also required a refrigerator-sized array, to a modern, rackable HP DL 2U server.

Steve Olson
VMS Systems Manager at Fidelity National Financial

The system remained up for a year before we shut down for routine maintenance. It is even more stable than the original VAX.

Blair Simister
Information Systems Manager at Flexi-Coil

Charon helped us to gain the time we need to migrate our system without worrying constantly about the availability of the old hardware.

Michael Flader
Head of IT at Linnenbecker

The legacy AlphaServer was the IT backbone of our company and controlled our entire production system. Replacing it with customized Windows software would have cost millions, so the Charon-AXP solution has been a real godsend for us.

Lesleyanne Clifton
Project Manager at Tomago Aluminium

We went from paying more than $100,000 in maintenance fees per year to paying just under $10,000 per year. And it took virtually no effort on our part.

Mark Gillespie
Data Center Operations Manager at WorkflowOne