Accenture leverages Charon-SSP on AWS Cloud to preserve mission critical legacy applications

As part of their end-to-end migration to AWS, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) faced numerous challenges. One of them was the fact that as per not having updated their infrastructure for a significant period of time, they were hosting some parts of their IT platform using rather ancient and legacy technologies. AWS, as other key hyper-scalers, do not often support legacy systems, and this is generally a substantial drawback for legacy-system-based enterprises trying to migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud. When Enimbos Part of Accenture was appointed as UOC migration partner, there was no clear direction on what to do with some Solaris servers containing critical applications and information for UOC, because both UOC and Accenture migration teams knew legacy systems not being supported in AWS would present an impediment for the whole success of the transformation program. Thanks to Stromasys’ Charon emulator and support team, the project team was able to successfully deploy an environment to contain these Solaris servers that were critical to UOC operation.

Once migrated, connectivity from the Charon-contained instances to the rest of the environment is effective and smooth. Now, these Solaris servers run efficiently within the Charon emulator and the client is more than happy with a cloud-based solution for a critical part of their operation than before the migration they resignedly accepted to host on-premises. – Javier Tavera, Accenture – PMO UOC Transformation Program

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