An Interview with John Prot, Stromasys CEO

Read a recent interview with John Prot, CEO of Stromasys, as he discusses the company’s success in 2017 and plans for growth in 2018:

How did Stromasys perform in 2017? What were the major accomplishments?

2017 was a record breaking year for Stromasys. Not only did our financials turn out to be the best in company history, but we also solidified ourselves as the worldwide leader in legacy platform emulation solutions with our added Charon-SSP Sun/Solaris virtualization solution. Customers continue to trust Stromasys to help them modernize their legacy systems, and we are seeing  healthy growth across all of our platforms.

What is Stromasys’s vision and focus for 2018?

Our vision for this year is to continue our company growth through three major channels:

  1. Our people: We are adding new positions to the organization to support new product lines and key performance initiatives.
  2. Our products: We are currently testing new product lines to support additional emulation solutions, as well as expanding our bare metal solution and cloud implementations.
  3. Our customers: In 2018 we will continue our growth through industry leading support and services. We have re-engineered portions of our staff to better accommodate our customer-first philosophy.

Are there strategic plans for 2018? In which countries or regions do you see the greatest growth opportunity for Stromasys? Why?

During 2017 we strengthened our position in the USA, EMEA and APAC markets, and launched our LATAM strategy. As we move forward we are looking for LATAM to accelerate, while looking at global geographies with sustainable business potential to add a local presence. It is part of our growth plans as we want to get closer to our customers and partners.

What opportunities do you see for Stromasys in Cloud Solutions? What is your strategy for Cloud?  

The benefits of cloud are clear and have been broadly demonstrated in most industries. Businesses are continually shifting to a Cloud first mentality when thinking about IT investments due to the efficiencies. Stromasys’s full portfolio of legacy server emulation solutions are available as a Cloud service offering. Last year we partnered with Oracle Cloud for our Stromasys SPARC offering, and have completed solutions on all of the major public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, and Microsoft Azure. In 2018 we are continuing our work with major Public Cloud providers to expand our Cloud offering and provide customers additional flexibility.

What are the trends that you are seeing in emulation and virtualization?

The growing trend we are seeing is customers continue migrating their applications to the cloud. According to IDC, the worldwide public cloud services market grew 28.6% year over year in the first half of 2017 (1H17) with revenues totaling $63.2 billion. At Stromasys we will continue to work with customers to help migrate their legacy systems to on-prem solutions or the Cloud. In 2018 we will be extending our offering to support more platforms. Stay tuned!

Which industries benefit the most from Stromasys solutions? 

Our cross platform virtualization and emulation solutions are being deployed across all industries around the globe. Depending on the platform we see certain industries’ preference to those platforms, like Manufacturing, Utilities, Education and Government in the case of Vax and Alpha, and Telecom, Oil and Gas, and Banking/ Finance in the case of SPARC. With the stability of legacy hardware, many of these industries still rely on these servers for mission- critical applications, so we layer additional benefits like decreased service and support costs, energy/ power saving, operational efficiencies, and increased performance onto these applications.

Which industries haven’t yet adopted these solutions that you believe could benefit greatly?

The question is not industry specific, it is more organization specific. With the rise of IT over the last two decades, as wells as the reliability of these legacy servers, companies have been able to focus on other projects. Due to the age of many of these systems and the critical nature of the applications, we feel it is time for everyone to evaluate their IT infrastructure and look towards virtualization as a way to cost effectively migrate these solutions.

What differences do you see between the different markets in which you are already present?

We see different solutions in different markets. For instance due to the nature of the hardware and OS, verticals like healthcare tend to utilize VAX solutions for some of their patient records, where as financial institutions tend to run SPARC solutions for their customer information.

Are you planning to offer educational webinars on the benefits of using Stromasys to modernize legacy platforms, including customer use cases?

Yes. It’s part of our marketing initiatives for 2018, and we will also be speaking at major industry trade shows to extend the brand and educate the general IT public on how to achieve more and continue to maximize their investments through virtualization and emulation.

Do you plan for more strategic alliance aside from HPE and Oracle/Cloud?

Yes, some will be around Global SI partnerships, others around Cloud. We also continue strengthening our Technology Alliance partnership – like the recent partnership with Nutanix to extend Stromasys for HyperConvege environments.

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