Charon-SSP enables UNITEC to complete their data center exit to Google Cloud in 24 days

Universidad Tecnológica de México (UNITEC) is one of the post-secondary education learning institutions under the Laureate Education, Inc., umbrella of Laureate International Universities. The CIO of UNITEC decided it was time to modernize the university’s IT infrastructure and that the most efficient way to do this was a full data center exit to migrate all IT workloads to Google Cloud.
UNITEC took full advantage of Charon-SSP’s SPARC system virtualization to move the legacy applications to Google Cloud, with no change to the applications or operating systems. The project was completed in twenty-four days.

“Given the time-crunch situation we were in, the Stromasys and Google Cloud teams stepped up and migrated all the servers, applications, and data in the promised time. I couldn’t have been more proud of the team.”

—Ivan Alonso, CIO, IT Services, Laureate International Universities

Laureate was running a SPARC T5-2 server ( 512 RAM | 32 Cores) to host their application servers, whereas the database back end was in an on-premises VMware cluster. The SPARC system had eight LDOMs, each with around 3-10 zones running Solaris OS versions 8-11.

The legacy application now running on Google Cloud not only gets a new lease on life, but can now take advantage of options and new capabilities. The benefits of Charon cross-platform virtualization of legacy SPARC, DEC, and PA-RISC systems on Google Cloud:

  • Risks of a legacy workload failure are mitigated (legacy hardware is gone)
  • Costs are optimized with Google Cloud pay-as-you-go consumption model
  • Google Cloud CPU fast-clock speeds deliver enhanced performance for applications
  • Organizations can now include legacy systems in their Google Cloud mass migration plans
  • No application recertification and end-user retraining is required (it is the same application)
  • System capacity becomes flexible with possible adjustments in minutes
  • New Google Cloud high-availability schemes and disaster/recovery best practices become available

Stromasys offers product support for Charon on Google Cloud during business hours or 24/7 for all emulators worldwide. Support typically applies to the Charon emulator software itself. Stromasys can also offer operating system support such as support for OpenVMS 7.3 and earlier.
Stromasys is a Google Technology Partner that addresses the data center modernization needs of customers by allowing the movement of legacy system applications and data to x86 infrastructure without changing any legacy code or data.
Read more about this amazingly fast transformation to the Google Cloud then contact us to learn more about how Stromasys and Google can help you modernize or exit your datacenter today.

About Universidad Tecnológica de México (UNITEC)
Universidad Tecnológica de México (UNITEC), one of two private universities under Laureate International Universities, offers high school, bachelor, and postgraduate programs on 10 campuses in Mexico City and in the states of Guanajuato, Jalisco, Mexico, and Querétaro, as well as online. With more than 90,000 students, it is the largest private university in the region.

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