Dramatically Decrease Constituent’s Time-to-response, Time-to-benefits, and Time-to-peace of mind

As the Covid-19 crisis continues, state governmental IT systems are struggling and buckling with the near-instantaneous influx of teleworkers and constituent processing of unemployment insurance, federal benefit programs and other social safety-net submittals and processing. Legacy apps created over 20 years ago (and end-of-life hardware servers installed 25/30 years ago) cannot maintain the capability persistent streams to service the high demands and many have seized or crashed.

We can help stop this. Since 1998, we specialize in migrating legacy hardware and applications onto modern platforms or onto the cloud. Our “lift and shift” solution can be done remotely and doesn’t need recertification. No changes are made to the applications but they are off the aging hardware.

More than 7,000 Federal, DOD, State, Municipal and Enterprise users have already implemented Stromasys software to rapidly unclog or cloud-enable legacy applications and servers developed in the 80s, 90s and 2000’s – WITHOUT RIP & REPLACE.

Give us a call today to hear how we can quickly get you away from struggling legacy systems (i.e., potentially within 24 hours we can remotely configure, implement and eliminate many of you legacy vulnerabilities and bottlenecks.).

Our government team is standing-by and ready to help your team during this crisis.

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