Leading Classic Hardware Virtualization Provider Webinar on the ROI of SPARC Emulation

With options to emulate legacy Sun SPARC hardware on an x86 server or in the cloud, Charon-SSP enables customers to preserve mission-critical applications, mitigating risk of unplanned downtime and improving ROI. This webinar will address a number of benefits of SPARC emulation: • Modernize business by eliminating legacy hardware and providing a modern x86 or cloud environment for legacy applications • Reduce the costs associated with aging hardware, including costly maintenance, high utility fees, and the costs associated with unplanned downtime • Experience enhanced capabilities in the cloud over on-prem (ex: additional storage, CPUs, disaster recovery, etc.) • Significantly reduce risk of downtime due to hardware failure • Expand business to the cloud with SaaS cloud offering • Gain potential performance improvements over original hardware platform The top 3 customer takeaways: 1. Preserve your legacy software investment 2. Eliminate costs associated with legacy hardware 3. Reap all the benefits of modern infrastructure Watch the full-length webinar here: http://www.ioug.org/p/cm/ld/fid=153

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