Migrating Solaris workloads to AWS with Charon

A global supply chain management company that helps companies in dozens of industries replace manual and complex processes with efficient, automated, and more reliable ones was faced with the challenge of modernizing their aging data center. This included databases and applications on aging SPARC/Solaris infrastructure, something no cloud provider offers. They turned to Effectual for its technical resources and expertise and to find a solution for lifting and shifting their applications, without modification, to a modern environment. To resolve one of the primary issues preventing a rapid migration, Effectual identified the Charon solution by Stromasys as the answer to lifting and shifting Solaris workloads, without modification, to modern x86 environments. Following an on-premises proof of concept, the Solaris workloads were assessed for performance requirements in their native legacy environment, and virtual SPARCs were sized for VMware Cloud on AWS for hosting Solaris and native applications. Workload performance in the cloud matches that of the original SPARCS and the legacy applications (without modification) now have access to elastic storage and data protection services available in AWS. “This project shows the true strength of what companies can accomplish together,” says Tom Spalding, Effectual’s Chief Growth Officer. “Our customer’s team and partners were able to provide business value that far exceeded what a single company could have achieved on its own. This was a result of the customer’s openness, partnership, and willingness to pursue a holistic solution; Effectual’s creativity, focus on business outcomes and desire to execute on behalf of our customers; and Stromasys’s incredible technical solution.” By using Charon to migrate Solaris workloads, Effectual was able to clear a path and guide their customer through a complete data center evacuation. As a result, the company can now accelerate its modernization strategy and pursue its larger technical goals of making the right future-proofing selections for maintaining its leadership status on the global stage. Learn more about this successful data center exit and examine every step of the process on the AWS Partner Network Blog

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