New features of our latest Charon versions make integrating virtualization solutions faster and easier than ever

At Stromasys, we’re always improving our virtualization solutions. Now, we are glad to announce that we are offering a version upgrade to our CHARON-AXP customers running 4100, DS, ES, and GS versions of Charon as well as to our CHARON-VAX customers on Windows (X64) and Linux. Version 4.6 is now available, offering numerous new features. For customers running CHARON-AXP/SMA, upgrade to version 2.2.40. Update your Charon software to our latest version to take advantage of new improvements. This update is free for customers with active Stromasys support plans. Benefits:

  • Fiber Channel PCI Pass-through for CHARON-AXP for Linux
  • IDLE support for SMP configurations
  • HALT for SRM console
  • Extended license control options including configuration options for combining Local (hardware), Software, and Network licenses as primary production and backup licenses
  • Guest and host OS time synchronization options
  • Various emulated peripheral devices, including DE602 network adapter and PCI to PCI bridges
  • Log monitoring utility improvements
  • mkdisk utility capable of extending container files
  • Improved licensing and networking configuration utilities, including VLAN support; also available now on Linux
  • Improved diagnostics and statistics collection to a local log file or to a remote server
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