Press Release: Stromasys Announces Increased Presence in Latin America

Stromasys, the world’s leading provider of enterprise-level cross-platform virtualization and emulation solutions, announces its increased presence in Latin America and the appointment of Robert Ruiz as General Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean.

In this role, Ruiz will be responsible for developing Stromasys’ strategy for the region, building relationships with partners and expanding the Stromasys presence in Latin America and the Caribbean. Ruiz commented, “We believe that emulation and virtualization are key to reducing the risks and costs associated with legacy systems without compromising the business. Our solution has a return on investment that can be monetarily measured, compared to costs of unplanned downtime due to hardware failure.”

According to a study by IDC in the Fortune 1000 companies segment, the impact of these unplanned failures can amount to up to 2 billion dollars per year. Ruiz added, “One of the keys to managing risk is simply to plan for the future: anticipating the weaknesses of legacy hardware and taking steps to reduce business impact by implementing our emulation and virtualization solution.”

Ruiz has more than 25 years of experience in the technology industry in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean. Throughout his career he has held leadership positions with companies such as HPE, 3Com Corporation, Lucent Technologies, FORE Systems, BlueCoat and Digital Equipment Corporation. His work highlights his experience successfully integrating companies into new markets as well as creating high-performance sales teams, managing key alliances, and generating strategies for new market routes, leading to significant improvements in the sales leadership of these companies.

This is an abridged translation of a press release made in Latin America. Read the full press release in Spanish or Portuguese.

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