Reduce Downtime Risk & Cost in Your Data Center

Risk and cost are major concerns for organizations running applications on legacy hardware. The hardware, as it ages, becomes less reliable. As systems reach end-of-life, replacement parts grow scarce. And as the generation of these legacy system experts enters retirement, support is harder to find and its cost rises. Organizations can expect to face 87 hours of system downtime per year. Hardware failure accounts for The State of Business Technology Resiliency, Q2 2014 31% of unplanned downtime, and businesses lose between $84,000 and $108,000 USD, on average, for every hour of downtime. This is a high price to pay—but more than that, it’s avoidable. Why risk unplanned downtime caused by hardware failure when you don’t have to? Charon™ virtualizaton solutions from Stromasys present a way forward for companies running heavily customized or mission-critical applications on legacy systems. Charon eliminates the need for the aging hardware, and applications run unchanged in a virtualized environment. Attend our webinar on November 20 at 10 am CET, Legacy Hardware Transformation: How to Reduce Risk & Cost! Learn why virtualization is the natural path to a secure and cost-effective data center. Click here to register for the webinar.

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