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Charon in the Cloud

As a pioneer in enterprise-class cross-platform legacy server emulation solutions, Stromasys offers its Charon solution in the cloud, meaning businesses can migrate SPARC, VAX, Alpha, and PA-RISC critical applications to the cloud, taking advantage of the same reliable Charon technology for which Stromasys is renowned as well as the many benefits offered by cloud providers.

This service becomes an even more modern offering of the already proven and trusted Charon solution.

Charon in the cloud can be successfully implemented on AWS, Azure, Oracle, or any other Cloud IaaS at the same time making it possible for businesses to run their applications on the Cloud in a way that is cost-effective, secure, and fully implemented within a matter of days.

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Charon in the Cloud

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Stromasys offers its Charon Solution in the cloud for businesses to migrate critical applications to the cloud. Find out how it works here.
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