Case Study

Charon-VAX, Support service on a Saturday

The Background

A global company, with over 1,500 employees, provides customer relationship service programs to help businesses retain and grow their consumer base. For four decades, the company has been trusted by its clients, including nine Fortune 100 companies.

Within the Northern European operations, a mission-critical OpenVMS application served as the database of customer membership information and it ran on aging VAX servers. The IT Manager for European Operations had two growing concerns: He worried about the increasing possibility of the servers causing unplanned downtime, and he was completely unsatisfied with the level of support coming from his current IT infrastructure vendor.

After meeting with his counterparts in North America, they suggested using the Charon™ solution by Stromasys to lift and shift the application off the VAX hardware so it can continue to run, unhindered by aging technology. The IT Manager would not have to worry about unplanned downtime and better yet, the support team at Stromasys was highly recommended.

The IT Manager began to work with the Stromasys engineers to successfully shift the essential application to a Windows server running the Charon-VAX emulation solution. The migration went off without any issues and the application continued to run on the Windows server and with better performance.

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Charon-VAX, Support service on a Saturday

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