Case Study

Raffles Medical expands its IT systems virtually thanks to Charon-AXP

The Challenge

As a leading regional integrated private healthcare provider, Raffles Medical Group, headquartered in Singapore, constantly strives to provide the highest standard in medical and health care. An efficient, stable, and reliable IT system is essential to ensure its round-the-clock operations run smoothly.

The group’s IT system relied on the popular Hewlett-Packard Alpha DS20 server, which ran various applications to manage patient data and medical records as well as pharmacy and inventory systems. When HP stopped making the Alpha DS20, Raffles sensed that maintenance might get a little tricky. Indeed, spare parts and technical expertise grew scarcer. Furthermore, storage on the Alpha DS20 was limited. The Group’s expansion plans in Singapore and the region required more capacity. An alternative was needed urgently.

The challenge was to find a solution that could match, and ideally improve, the performance of the Alpha DS20 server in terms of reliability, stability, and capacity. Because the group’s clinics run around the clock, seven days a week, the transition to the new system had to be seamless, with minimal downtime.

Raffles Medical expands its IT systems virtually thanks to Charon-AXP

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Raffles Medical Group, a leading healthcare provider in Singapore, expanded their Healthcare IT systems virtually with Charon-AXP Alpha emulation.
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