Stromasys Dedicated Federal Team

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For over 20 years, Stromasys’ Charon classic hardware emulation solutions have been aiding federal government offices virtualize their legacy hardware for modern x86 or cloud platforms.

This has allowed the government, and key federal contractors, to continue running their trusted applications without modifications, recertification or retraining at typically a fraction of the cost of a full migration project or annual maintenance of the original hardware.

As global leaders in cross-platform virtualization solutions, our customer base includes major corporations around the world, as well as 20 federal agencies.Throughout our history we’ve implemented more than 5,000 cross-platform virtualization solutions for the world’s leading companies in over 50 countries.

Stromasys’ dedicated Federal Team can assist you in successfully transitioning critical agency applications from legacy hardware to a more stable and cost-effective platform, without major modifications and achieving a ROI in a year or less.