White Paper

Stromasys legacy server emulation on Azure

Many private and public sector organizations continue to operate mission-critical applications that run on servers from an earlier generation, such as SPARC, VAX, Alpha, and HP 3000. By rehosting applications on Microsoft Azure using emulation software—known as a lift-and-shift migration—you can safely phase out legacy hardware in a matter of days. Stromasys provides cross-platform server virtualization solutions that enable you to use the Azure cloud platform to run applications designed for Solaris, VMS, Tru64 UNIX, and MPE/iX operating systems, respectively.

As a case in point, an actuarial services company continued to use a vital financial application that ran on Alpha hardware—a server well past its end-of-life date. They kept the system running with help from user groups who located vintage hardware components. But as experts in risk management, the company knew it was time to modernize.

After the application was running in a Stromasys Charon-AXP emulator on an Azure Virtual Machine, the company began offering its solution as a service to other financial companies, effectively reinventing their mainframe application as software as a service (SaaS). Two major insurance companies immediately signed up for this service.

If your organization is using legacy hardware, you know the risk and cost of maintaining it. A virtualized environment on Azure Virtual Machines can offer better performance, lower costs, and less risk for running a legacy software stack.

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